May 172017

Inflation is an economic fact of life. It does have any particularly good or bad effects but it has a considerable impact on the investing sector which in turn has an effect on businesses and their turnovers. To know how inflation affects turnover entrepreneurs need to understand more about inflation and its impacts and then plan their business strategies accordingly.

Small amounts of inflation are desired to ensure that the economy has a healthy growth and that businesses experience enough profit to sustain themselves and eventually move towards expansion in terms of products as well as the workforce.

No inflation is not at good for the economy as well as it has negative effects on businesses too. It decreases the demand for goods and services, thereby generating more losses than profits.

Favorable effects of inflation for turnover of a business

  • High inflation helps to increase profits as well as it increases the basic cost of doing business.
  • Entrepreneurs and other investors are highly motivated by added incentives of higher profits leading to higher investments and higher returns.
  • The employment market is also affected as employees seek higher wages due to rising costs. This leads to higher employment due to higher production demands thus leading to increased employment opportunities and increased incomes.
  • Cost of living is at a high due to higher rents, increased costs of real estate, and shooting prices of raw materials.
  • There is an increased demand for products. Due to higher consumer demand, there is a proportional increase in prices of commodities and services.
  • This increased demand has a highly profitable effect on businesses as company profits rise beyond expectations.
  • Business turnover is also positively affected during periods of higher inflation as there is a sure shot possibility of higher income for shareholders. Companies are likely to earn higher profits and as an outcome declare dividends for all their shareholders. Thus increasing share prices.

Inflation per se needs to be prepared for. It means that businesses have to plan well in advance about how they would react in terms of production and sales during periods of high or inflations. The most important thing businessmen need to consider about inflation is that since it does affect profits they need to have a balance of equity and fixed- income investments to see them through periods of fluctuating inflation. Fintech Ltd provides some great solutions to businesses as to how to manage their funds and finances during this period.

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